Office Ergonomics
The hows and whys of cumulative trauma injuries and the self-care concept made easy. The effects of posture, stress, general fitness and nutrition on injury and recovery. Review guidelines for workstation set-ups and participate in workstation exercises.

Advanced Ergonomics
Evaluating your own workstation. Review slides of before and after workstation modifications to develop ideas that can be used with your own workstation. Discuss the effects of sleep ergonomics on cumulative trauma injuries. This class is very interactive and practical.

Stress Management
Add life to your years, not just years to your life. Most of us deal with at least occasional stress in our busy lives. Learn some pointers on healthy ways to deal with that stress. Practical, fun, and interactive.

Humor in the workplace
The value of humor in the workplace, when it's best used and when to avoid it. How to lighten up your life, coworkers and department to improve productivity, reduce anxiety and defuse anger.

Wellness through Nutrition and Exercise
How to eat better in the real world. Friendly fast food, where to find it and how to choose it. How food can affect your mood and increase your chance of health problems. How to use vitamins and supplements wisely. Suggestions on practical and safe weight management. Improve health through nutrition and exercise. Consider adding the computerized body composition analysis for your employees.

Sleep Better
The ABC's of getting better ZZZ's. Reduce injuries and feel more energized with good sleep habits. Sleeping may be a fundamental life function, but it isn't always easy to sleep, nor does 8 hours guarantee a good night's rest. This interesting class discusses some of the latest research on sleeping and discusses proven methods for a good night's sleep. Discussion includes sleep ergonomics and practical suggestions for your sleep.

Aging well
Getting better, not just older. Yes, we're all getting older, but that doesn't mean we have to fall apart or sustain more injuries. Believe it or not, a lot of what we do today affects how well we will age in the coming years. Research data shows that we can live longer, healthier and disease free lives well into our "golden years". Invest in yourself today for more healthy tomorrows. Easy techniques to improve your wellness.

How to care for your back
Over 80% of the U.S. population will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. For many people back pain occurs daily and interferes with their work, home life and recreation. We discuss and demonstrate research based methods to reduce stress to the spine when sitting, standing, lifting, exercising and sleeping. We demonstrate and encourage participation with simple exercises and self-massage / stress management techniques that can be used at the office or at home.

Material handling and lifting
For work and home. Research based sugggestions, demonstrations and participation in back safety concepts focused on material handling jobs. Practical, easy to apply techniques and exercises that can be incorporated at work and at home to reduce the chance of injury. Brief discussion on how general health, stress management and nutrition play a roll in back health.

Recommended minimum times for classes are 2 hours. This allows time for a fun, informative and interactive class with participation and questions. Classes can be modified and customized for your specific needs. A variety of health and wellness handouts and references are provided at each class. Customized classes are available including Train the Trainer, Return to Work, Rehab Managament, and Developing Ergonomic Teams.

Call CPTI at (303)-460-9129 for more information or to check class scheduling.

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