Roger Rettig
(Director - Owner)

Roger has a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Beaver College, PA. He has been a clinical advisor for the American Running and Fitness Association since 1987, a member of the U.S. Diving Medical staff, and is a NATA Certified Athletic Trainer, having participated three years on the althletic training staff at West Viriginia University. Roger completed a two-year manual therapy residency and passed the writtten and practical exams to become a Certified Manual Therapist by the Ola Grimsby Institute. He is also certified in the Active Release Technique by Dr. Leahy. Roger is a Certified Case Manager, consulting with companies with work injury prevention programs including work site evaluations, training programs, and controlling health care costs. He lectures on orthopaedic rehabilitation, exercise progression, manual therapy and injury prevention, and is the author of the book "Cumulative Trauma Injuries - A Self Help Guide". In addition, he is the co_author of the audio book "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Preventative and Corrective Physical Therapy Exercises". Roger is also a Certified Industrial Ergonomist (#000--121902) by the Oxford Research Institute.

Barbara Long-Crawford

Barbara graduated from the University of Colorado in 1981 with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology. She has taken multiple post graduate courses in manual therapy techniques and completed an internship program with Mariane Rocolado in 1994 for advanced treatement of head, TMJ, neck and spine. Barbara has provided specialized care for head, neck and spinal dysfunction in her private practice in Westminster from 1983 through 1999. After selling her practice and taking a year off she joined Roger Rettig and the highly qualified staff at CPTI in the spring of 2000. Barbara has lectured locally and internationally on head, neck and TMJ dysfuntion, and she has taught courses on differential diagnosis and manual therapy techniques for the spine and TMJ. Barbara was a contribution author to the book "Client or Patient? Power and Related Concepts in Health Care", and published a research paper in 1994 on vertebral occiput relationships in modified lateral cephalometrics. Away from work, Barbara spends time playing with her four grand children.

Brenda Evans

Brenda graduated from the University of Colorado in 1983 with a degree in Physical Therapy. She is also a graduate of Regis University in Denver with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Psychology. Brenda has a broad background including adult neurological rehab with certification in NDT in 1986, aquatics, acute/post surgical/ICU rehab, administration, wound/burn care, and home health care. Over the last seven years Brenda has focused her education and specialized in outpatient orthopedics and manual therapy, including treatment of headaches, cervical and TMJ dysfunction.

Julie Spacek
Certification #07-0451, Certification #14-0078

Julie graduated in 1986 from Metropolitan State College of Denver in Colorado. She recieved a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic training and a minor in Holistic Health. Julie is a Certified Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Biofeedback Therapist and Certified Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor. She received her Pilates certification through Polestar. Her specialties include sports injuries, surface electromyography biofeedback for neuromuscular re-education. She has extensive training in orthopaedic rehabilitation, soft tissue mobilization and wellness.

Marti Peplinski

Marti graduated from Regis University in 1999 with a Master's of Science degree in Physical Therapy. Her experience encompasses treating occupational, orthopaedic, and motor vehicle related injuries as well as training in Functional Capacity Evaluations. Marti has continued her education with extensive post graduate courses in manual therapy of the spine, pelvis and extremities. She has recently become certified in gait analysis and orthotics casting and is looking forward to pursuing her interests in the biomechanics of gait and manual therapy.

* Specializing in Orthopaedic, Sports & Work Injury Rehabilitation *